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Pavlina Rymerova is a Czech sculptor and she works first of all for art galleries in Prag and West Europe.

She is engaged in the creation of ceramic objects destined for interiors and gardens-first of all in figural compositions of people and animals,expressing relations,feelings,spirits…

Her works are represented in many collections in Europe,U.S.A./also in president Bill Clinton collection/,Canada,Japan…

The art criticism is evaluating her creation in a very positive way as a perspective one.She is being appreciated,especially a strong personal style and an originality of the artistic expression.

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Prague galleries where you can  see  ceramic sculptures of Pavlina Rymer :

Gallery of Contemporary Art ,Michalska street 15 ,Prague 1

Bel Art Gallery ,Karmelitska street 43/26,Prague 1, Mala Strana

Interart Gallery,Husova street 7,Prague 1